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Our GAPS Diet Adventure

In 2012, I decided my son needed to go on the GAPS Diet.  I had learned about GAPS nearly two years prior to this decision and had even read the book thinking I was going to do it.  But it seemed sooooo overwhelming.  No starches?  No grains?  Broth?  Ferments?  I...

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You Have Permission

When you fly on a commercial airline and they are reviewing the safety features, have you ever noticed that they always say you need to put your own air mask on FIRST and then assist your child?  Do you apply that same principle in everyday life?  In other words, are...

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Do you set goals or intentions?

My younger (childless) self set goals. And it was not much effort to achieve those goals. Then I had a child. And then that child started to have challenges in life. And then - - - well, my life fell apart. I had lost my ability to feel productive. My old ways of...

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“Amy has been a tremendous resource for me over the last few years. I have come to rely on her wisdom and sage advice for guidance in the world of healing and health. She is one of the most grounded people I know and I trust her fully.“

Thalia Michelle, Co-Founder, Thinking Mom’s Revolution