Healthy and EASY Snack List
November 4, 2017

I was recently asked about recommendations for kid-friendly snacks. In particular, snacks that kids can take to school.

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to be motivated to cook/bake/plan/prepare/clean/shop for the other humans that live in our houses because let’s be honest, house chef is just ONE of our daily duties. If we are in low motivation mode for long, we often find the food choices becoming more and more processed and easy to prepare. As in – “here are some peanut butter crackers, have a good day!”. We’ve all been there and we’ve all felt the guilt pangs around not providing the highest quality/best type of food for our families.

So here is a list of easy snacks for kids (and adults). Some of these are prepared/processed however the ingredients meet my standard of “not too many, non-gmo, no crap colors or preservatives”. Whole foods are best but for many, that’s unrealistic for every day and every meal. This list contains a variety of fruit and veggie ideas as well as some processed foods that can usually be found at national grocery chains and/or Costco. If it’s available on Amazon, the link provided is an affiliate link.

You know what I like most about this list? There are so many quick and easy raw food choices. That means all you have to do is buy them. Some of them require a small amount of prep such as cleaning and cutting but for the most part, these options are FAST FOOD (the good kind).

Let me know in the comments if you have any snack ideas to add! ~ Amy Y.

Whole Raw Foods:
Seedless Grapes

Cucumber slices (English cucumbers are more “mild” than regular ones and picky eaters may like them better”).

Grape Tomatoes

Carrot slices (prepare once a week – they keep well in the fridge)

Jicama slices (prepare once a week – they keep well in the fridge)

Broccoli or Cauliflower bites

French green beans

Bell Pepper Slices (green, red, orange, yellow)

Snap peas


Strawberries or Raspberries


Mandarin Oranges

Black Olives

Sunflower/Pumpkin seeds


Dried Fruits and Raisins

Crunchy Salty Snacks:
Seaweed Snacks

Mary’s Crackers 

Sweet Potato Crackers

Kettle Chips

Rye Crackers

Love Grown Cereal

Lara Bars

Raw Milk Cheese squares (Trader Joe’s has yummy raw milk cheddar cheese)

Spencer’s “Crustos” (Grain Free Homemade Crackers)