Jicama – It Does a Body Good
July 25, 2017


Do you make Jicama a regular part of your diet? After learning about all of its nutritional benefits, you might just want to consider doing that!

Jicama is one of the very low-calorie root vegetables; carrying only 35 calories per 100 g. However, its high-quality phyto-nutrition profile comprises of dietary fiber, and antioxidants, in addition to small proportions of minerals, and vitamins.

It is one of the finest sources of dietary fiber; particularly excellent source of oligofructose inulin, a soluble dietary fiber. Inulin suuuuuuper important for gut health.

Jicama is also rich in vitamin-C; provide about 20.2 mg or 34% of DRA of vitamin-C per 100 g. Vitamin-C is a powerful water soluble antioxidant that helps body scavenge harmful free radicals, thereby offers protection from cancers, inflammation and viral cough and cold.

It also contains small levels of some of the valuable B-complex group of vitamins such as folates, riboflavin, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid and thiamin and the root provides healthy amounts of some of the essential minerals like magnesium, copper, iron and manganese.

I like to eat Jicama raw – peeling the skin and then slicing into sticks or wedges. The texture is something between a crisp apple and a raw potato and it has a slight sweetness to it making it an ideal kid snack. ~ Amy Y.