about Navigate Your Healing


i believe…

➟ You are not alone in this journey

➟ Healing is possible

➟ Self care is imperative

➟ You deserve a better expression of life

➟ Self Care is about taking care of you IN YOUR LIFE, not escaping your life

➟ You can move from surviving to thriving

a message to you

Above all, I want you to know you are not alone. I see you working to manage your fear and your worry. I see you struggling to manage all of your roles – parent, partner, daughter/son, friend and I invite you to be part of this tribe. There are no stupid questions. This is a safe place to land and to find your bearings. Parenting exceptional children is not for the faint of heart, I am here to help you.

truly walking her talk

As a mother of a child with autism and other medical complexities, I have experienced living a life in crisis and working my way through that to loving thriving in life.

My quest to understand my son’s core issues has been one filled with tears of sorrow and tears of joy. I spent several years solely focusing on my son and his needs, neglecting myself. I learned a lot about HIS brain, HIS body, HIS innate healing system but I didn’t feel compelled to apply any of that to myself. I wasn’t the one needing help – at least that’s what I told myself.

And then Dr. Amy Spoelstra, our chiropractor, said matter of factly: Mom – you need to get adjusted too! You are in stress and I want you to have a better expression of life.

And my first reaction was NO, EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE GIVEN TO MY SON. And then I realized in that moment I needed to give myself permission to accept healing as well.

And ever since that flip was switched for me, I have dedicated myself to supporting other parents in their challenging circumstances. My passion is helping people understand the importance of a balanced body and a balanced life and bringing them ideas on how to make that happen. Our lives are far from “normal” and as such, we need solutions and strategies that work for us.

“Amy Yardley is a fantastic addition to any special needs family’s support staff. She comes to the table with a compassionate heart, a big brain, and a plethora of tools to help you make your life run more efficiently. Amy has a special heart for the mothers and she creates programs catered specifically to their needs. This is a huge win if you ask me as the mother’s pain is often hidden in plain sight. She understands firsthand what neglecting yourself can do and she helps you dig your way out of that. Personally, she is one of my go-to people when I feel overwhelmed. She is very gifted at taking a big goal and chopping into smaller, digestible, and easy to implement strategies. I have used Amy’s services for myself and have recommended her to many clients through the years. I promise you she is the best at what she does and she truly wants you and your family to succeed. Your heart is safe with her.”

Mallory McClelland
Energy Healer and Intuitive Business Coach for Moms