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My Child is Turning 18 – Now What?!?!

When my son was about 9, I was told by an expert in the disability field that ideally, I needed to start working on his transition to adulthood when he turned 14. WTaF? I was barely holding on trying to figure things out with all of the childhood stuff (therapy,...

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You’re Not Failing, You’re Struggling.

I had a friend ask me how to explain to family members that she’s not being lazy or unmotivated. Her family feels that way because it seems like she can’t get “simple” things done around the house while also caring for her child (who has an autism diagnosis). Instantly I knew exactly what she was talking about. But I have been having a hard time putting together words that would allow others to “really get it”.

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The Busy Mom’s Guide to Reducing Chemical Exposures

When I first learned of my son’s extremely high toxin load at the age of 5, I took immediate action to remove cleaning chemicals from my home.  And then over the course of years, I’ve gradually shifted many other items and products.  It can seem VERY overwhelming to...

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Endocrine Disruptors – FAKE NEWS for your body!

In Part 1 of this Endocrine System series, I outlined the basics of what the endocrine system is, the organs and glands involved and their functions.  The take-away message from Part 1:  The endocrine system is the communication system of the body that determines...

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The Endocrine System – Gateway to Health

A group of cells forms tissue.  A group of tissues makes up an organ.  A group of organs makes up a system. A group of systems makes up an animal/human organism. I’ll never forget that lesson from Biology and it’s served me well in helping my child and myself improve...

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It’s Time to Re-Think Self Care

Self-Care is bringing nourishing things and activities into your life and removing anti-nourishing things and activities from your life, a sort of Marie Kondo exercise for your mind/body/spirit. And these nourishing things and activities do not have to be huge or expensive. In fact, 90% of the self-care activities I do within a day are things that don’t cost money nor do they require I leave the house or “escape” my life. Because self-care is about taking care of yourself WHILE YOU ARE LIVING YOUR LIFE. It is a discipline, not a singular activity.

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Today I gave my son a haircut. And by normal standards, it was uneventful. And the fact that it was uneventful means by Autism standards – IT WAS AMAZING! My son is 15 years old and has always had sensory issues and nervous system challenges with haircuts. I’ve spent...

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Why Should I Change My Diet?

Every conversation I have with someone who has a health concern or question leads up to diet.  I simply cannot stress enough how foundational gut health is to overall health and expression of life.  If you have skin issues, auto-immune issues, mental health issues,...

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“Amy has been a tremendous resource for me over the last few years. I have come to rely on her wisdom and sage advice for guidance in the world of healing and health. She is one of the most grounded people I know and I trust her fully.“

Thalia Michelle, Co-Founder, Thinking Mom’s Revolution