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“As a mom to a young child with neurodevelopmental disorders and behavioral challenges, life is downright hard sometimes, but you don’t have to go through it alone!! Amy has provided me with a tremendous amount of hope, love, and healing through her unwavering support, guidance, and coaching. She has been a cornerstone of my life and has helped me continuously strive to become the best version of myself by encouraging self-love and self-care. Through Amy, I have learned that these things are vital to living a truly exceptional life. Amy is unquestionably passionate about helping families; she is a safe place; she truly gets you and your journey and wants to help you create a better expression of life for you and your family. Without any reservation, I highly recommend having Amy as a part of your team. She has been an incredible support to me, and I can’t praise her value enough. Every special needs parent needs Amy; she is a wonderful human with a considerable amount of knowledge and experience to share.”

Carlie B.