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“From Barely Surviving to Thriving”

As a member of the Self Care Society, you get access to the course “From Barely Surviving to Thriving“. 

In this course, you’ll learn:

Module 1 – Stress – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Truths
Module 2 – Jumpstart Your Parasympathetic Nervous System
Module 3 – Scarcity, Decision Fatigue and Mental Load
Module 4 – Managing Your Mindset
Module 5 – The Long Game
Module 6 – Understanding the Hidden Rules of Neurology

Monthly EFT/Tapping Meditation Videos

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique which is more commonly referred to as Tapping. The benefits of tapping are numerous but one of the struggles I had in doing it for myself was trying to figure out what to say while also figuring out where to tap. After getting certified in EFT, I realized that the easiest way to do tapping is to follow the step by step cues of a tapping leader. That way there’s nothing to think about, just follow along. Every month I create a new meditation for the Self Care Society and then these videos are added to the library that all members can access at any time.

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Things change and journeys change. I recognize that. That’s why there will be new, fresh content added into the membership each month.

As a member, you get access to all new content.

“Amy is so Real. Just support, without judgement. I always find her topics of consideration helpful, and catching a live video feels like sitting down for a quick chat with a friend who really gets it. The one who always leaves you feeling hopeful and empowered to do self care, even if you only have short bits of time to yourself. This morning I was having trouble with anxiety. I tried listening to a YouTube meditation for anxiety, but just hearing the word anxiety generally escalates my own and I was getting more uptight. Amy Yardley popped into my head. Not the first time I’ve heard her voice in my ear. I started tapping on the side of my hand, going through the steps of that basic “karate chop”, and statements of safety and acceptance. I felt an immediate relaxing of my shoulders.”


“Every provider working with families with kids or adults impacted by neurodevelopmental disorders or behavioral/learning/socialization challenges should have Navigate Your Healing on board as a platform to help support the self care and emotional health of the parents and the entire family unit. The piece that’s so often forgotten is how to support the parent as they are supporting their children in their clinically healing journey. This can be extremely overwhelming, depressing and a difficult situation for families who don’t have anywhere to turn. This is exactly what Amy Yardley provides – a safe place to look for implementable and realistic options for parents to take care of themselves and how to find joy and happiness in the life they are living despite their current challenges.”

Dr. Amy Spoelstra, DC

Navigate Your Healing


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