Gift List for Kids with NeuroDevelopmental Challenges
November 21, 2017

Finding toys for children with neurodevelopmental challenges can be daunting sometimes. Many or our kids have preferences and obsessions that we DON’T want to keep feeding yet we can buy all sorts of toys that they will never look twice at let alone play with appropriately. And then there are the relatives wanting to know what to give them. They don’t get it when we give them our honest answer “I don’t know”.

It’s OK to feel overwhelmed with these types of decisions. You are after all taking care of everything else! Here’s our compilation of toys/gifts that we recommend. You’ll notice that these gifts encourage using vision and the mind’s eye (prediction), movement or both. Also, you’ll note that all but one of these items are electronic, make noise or light up. This is because we want children to explore the object using all of their senses. The Giant Floor Piano Keyboard is the exception because there is such a large amount of gross motor work that needs to be done to create sounds and it can be used as an introduction to regular keyboards which is fantastic for brain building.

In addition to the suggestions listed here (with affiliate links), it’s always great to receive gift cards for local activities such as bowling, swimming or amusement park entry fees just to name a few examples.


My First Match It Heads and Tails
This colorful set of 15 animal puzzle cards provides children with an excellent introduction to the animals. Each card features a picture of an animal’s head and the animal’s tail. Simply match the heads and tails to complete the puzzle. The puzzles are self-correcting as no two puzzle cuts are the same.


Magnetic Blocks Building Set  

This building toys set can be combined into many patterns, such as dogs, planes and other construction. Kids learn colors and shapes while playing, develop their creativity and mind in new ways.


Bath Toys Fishing Game
Put three fish float at leisure on the water, use the pole with hook to catch them, enjoy hours of fun, help train kid’s hand-eye coordination.


Magnetic Zen Garden (not for younger kids or those who eat non-food items)

Zen Garden Desktop, Zen Garden Kit, Magnetic Zen Garden, Mini Zen Garden
MagZen is a unique “Magnetic” Zen Garden that combines natural Magnetic Sand together with Three (3) Polished Hematite Magnet Rocks and three (3) Real Metal & Wood Tools.
Use the magnets and the tools to enhance creativity, relaxation, peace and Zen.


Just Jump It Steppers

Durable 4″ rise plastic platforms and adjustable rope hand cords.



ADJUSTABLE KIDS SCOOTER: Zip around the neighborhood in style with this 3 wheel kick scooter by Den Haven. Constructed of metal and durable nylon composites our kick scooter is the same quality build as brands costing far more. STABLE 3 WHEEL DESIGN: Our unique 3 wheel design gives the kick scooter both added stability and safety. No need for a kick stand or for unbalanced riding. Wide deck and 3 wheel design make riding fun and easy for kids of any skill level. Simply hop on and start scooting.


Liquid Motion Bubbler

The descending bubbles have a soothing and mesmerizing effect that will keep kids entertained for hours. Gravity will guide the colored droplets travel down at slow motion space. These sensory toys can help improve visual tracking skills.
Its slow and rhythmic drops have a very appealing effect and actually help kids with sensory or hyperactivity issues. Makes perfect autism sensory toys to sooth and remain focused.


Kids Pod Swing Seat Hammock

WHY YOU NEED IT: Our sensory swings are unique because they come with a swivel hook that allows the pod chair to spin freely and give your child the proprioceptive input they crave. They can be used as a porch swing, porch chairs, swinging chair, lycra swing, or chair swings. WHO’S IT FOR: Our pod chairs are perfect for kids of all ages, but they are especially useful for children who have unique sensory input needs. They are designed for kids ages 3 and up, but there is a 145lb weight limit.


Stack It Peg Board Game

Contains 30 (2″) plastic pegs – of assorted vivid colors. One 8″ foam peg board in one of the six colors pictured. Great for building fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


Giant Floor Piano Play Mat

Plays a tune when children step and dance on its oversized touch-sensitive keyboard
Has four play modes and eight musical instrument sounds with 10 melodies.
A plug-in speaker is built into the floor piano and is compatible with a portable CD/mp3 player.